Thursday, April 10, 2014

Which cyberinfrastructure components are impacted by Heartbleed?

This table captures Heartbleed vulnerability information about CI components that we are aware of. If you have information to add, please send email to

  • 4/10 11:02am ET: Added GSI-OpenSSH and MyProxy. Clarified Globus includes GridFTP and GRAM.
  • 4/10 12:17pm ET: Added specific links for MyProxy and GSI-OpenSSH
  • 4/11 7:38am ET: Added HTCondor, changed to Google Spreadsheet
  • 4/11 8:08am ET: Added Perfsonar
  • 4/15 4:12pm ET: Added XSEDE User Portal (4:58pm replaced text with URL)
  • 4/23 3:06pm ET: Added FutureGrid
  • 4/25 8:38pm ET: Added HUBzero