Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cybersecurity at SC14

CTSC team members will participating in a variety of activities at SC14 open to any attendee.

On Tuesday from 2-4pm in Von Welch is organizing a MAGIC meeting in room 204 focusing on international issues in identity management. Speakers include Ann West on “InCommon and International Interfederation”, Harold Teunissen providing an update on identity management in the EU, Tom Barton on “Federated Security Incident Response”, and Nick Jones providing an update on identity management in New Zealand.

On Tuesday from 4-4:30pm, Von Welch will be in the Indiana University booth (1339) presenting on "Cybersecurity for Science."

On Wednesday from 3-4pm and Thursday from 1-2pm, join Adam Slagell and Jim Basney in the NCSA booth (1621) for an informal discussion of cybersecurity at NCSA, including the activities of the Bro Network Security Monitor and CILogon federated identity management projects.

Feel free to contact any CTSC team member directly to chat as well.