Thursday, May 26, 2016

Array of Things Engagement

In Fall 2015, NSF awarded $3.1m to the Array of Things urban sensing project. Over the course of 2016, 500 Array of Things (AoT) nodes will be deployed to measure data on Chicago’s environment, infrastructure and activity to scientifically investigate solutions to urban challenges ranging from air quality to urban flooding. The ultimate goal of this innovative community technology platform is to help make cities cleaner, healthier and more livable.

AoT leadership, recognizing the potential cybersecurity and privacy implications, approached CTSC about an engagement. CTSC attended the AoT kickoff meeting in September 2015 and engaged fully at the start of 2016. CTSC personnel are reviewing system designs in the context of cybersecurity and privacy, providing security policy development guidance, and organizing expert discussions to inform privacy requirements and policies. The engagement will run through June of 2016. Von Welch, outside of his CTSC role, has agreed to continue a relationship beyond June to provide guidance on these topics.