Monday, August 1, 2016

CTSC Collaboration with Science Gateways Community Institute

On Friday, NSF announced $35 million in funding for two new Software Institutes to improve scientific software. We are excited that CTSC already has a collaboration established with one of the two institutes, the Science Gateway Community Institute (SGCI).

SGCI and CTSC are jointly funding one half of an analyst who will work as part of CTSC on security issues for the science gateway community and play a key consulting role in SGCI’s Incubator program by advising gateway developers on cybersecurity issues and providing security reviews for existing gateways.

Science gateways are used by a large portion of the science community and CTSC’s ability to impact cybersecurity for this key cyberinfrastructure component will allow us to increase the trustworthiness of a broad segment of science. We applaud SGCI’s leadership in cybersecurity by engaging with us when they wrote their proposal.

Congratulations to both of the new software institutes! We look forward to our collaboration with SGCI and also stand ready to help the Molecular Science Software Institute as we would any other NSF project through our application process.

You can read more about CTSC’s involvement in SGCI in the IU press release for the SGCI.