Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Change of CTSC co-PI and Thank you to Randy Butler

It is with some regret that I announce Randy Butler stepping away from CTSC. Randy Butler has been a CTSC co-PI since CTSC's inception in 2012 and led the Scientific Software Security Innovation Institute Workshops that led to the concepts and documented the community requirements that were the foundation of CTSC.

I wish Randy all the best with his promotion to Senior Associate Director for Integrated Cyberinfrastructure at NCSA.

Jim Basney, already a CTSC co-PI, will be the lead for CTSC activities at NCSA. Bart Miller, currently CTSC senior personnel from the University of Wisconsin, will be taking on a co-PI role in CTSC. Bart’s new role recognizes his strong contributions to software security and training, and CTSC’s growing emphasis on software assurance.