Tuesday, May 23, 2017

CTSC’s Situational Awareness Expanding Collaborations

In an attempt to improve on the security alert service CTSC offers, the Situational Awareness (SA) group within CTSC has recently expanded its monitoring streams and collaborations to include Open Science Grid (OSG) and the European Grid Infrastructure’s Software Vulnerability Group (EGI: SVG). These entities join CTSC’s current collaborations with REN-ISAC and XSEDE in mutually sharing advisories. The immediate benefit of this effort is that CTSC and its collaborators have increased their monitoring channels, enabling a larger window to survey for potential threats to science cyberinfrastructure. This improvement in shared knowledge will better position us, as well as our new partners, to pass on the important alerts to our communities.

To register for CTSC SA advisories, see https://trustedci.org/situational-awareness.

If you're a member of a trust community that would like to share alerts with CTSC, please contact us at alerts@trustedci.org.