Monday, August 14, 2017

2017 NSF Community Cybersecurity Benchmarking Survey -- Please Respond

Please complete the 2017 NSF Community Cybersecurity Benchmarking Survey.  

The goal of the annual survey is to collect and aggregate information over time about the state of cybersecurity for NSF projects and facilities and produce a report that will help the community a richer understanding of the environment and norms, as well as track changes to the security of the scientific cyberinfrastructure. We want to ensure the survey report is of maximum utility to the NSF researchers, projects, and facilities, and encourage a high level of participation. Your responses will help us meet that goal. We have made minor changes from the 2016 survey to clarify both questions and answers. Participation in the 2017 survey is requested whether or not you responded to the 2016 survey. (See the 2016 survey report at

Each NSF project or facility should submit only a single response. Completing the survey may require input from the PI, the IT manager, and/or the person responsible for cybersecurity (if those separate areas of responsibility exist). While answering specific questions is optional, we strongly encourage you to take the time to respond as completely and accurately as possible. If you prefer not to respond or are unable to answer a question for some reason, we ask that you make that explicit (e.g., by using “other:” inputs) and provide your reason. Please note that we minimize the amount of project-identifying information we collect and will report responses only in the aggregate and CTSC will release results that we believe provide anonymity to the individual project or facility respondents.

The response period closes November 17, 2017.