Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Announcing: 2018 NSF Cybersecurity Summit Call for Participation and Student Program

Greetings! It is our great pleasure to announce and invite you to the 2018 NSF Cybersecurity Summit for Large Facilities and Cyberinfrastructure.  The event will take place Tuesday, August 21st through Thursday, August 23rd, at the Westin Alexandria near the new National Science Foundation Headquarters in Alexandria, VA. Attendees will include cybersecurity practitioners, technical leaders, and risk owners from within the NSF Large Facilities and CI community, as well as key stakeholders and thought leaders from the broader scientific and cybersecurity communities. Registration and hotel reservations details will be announced in the coming weeks. We are pleased to announce the call for participation and student program are now open!

Call for Participation (CFP) - Now Open
Program content for the summit is driven by our community. We invite proposals for presentations and training sessions as well as nominations for student scholarships. The deadline for CFP submissions is June 13th. To learn more about the CFP, please visit: https://trustedci.org/call-for-participation-2018

Nominations for the Community Leadership Recognition Program
The Summit seeks to recognize outstanding leadership in the cyberinfrastructure and cybersecurity field. These leaders have developed and established the processes and practices for building a trusting, collaborative community, and seriously addressing that community's core cybersecurity challenges in ways that remain relevant, as research technologies and infrastructure evolve and change. More information on the program and how to submit a nomination can be found here: http://trustedci.org/community-leadership-program

Student Program - Accepting Applications
Each year, the summit organizers invite several students to attend the summit. Students who are interested in complex cybersecurity needs around and new, efficient, effective ways to protect information assets while supporting science will benefit more from attending.
Undergraduate and Graduate students may self-nominate or be nominated by a teacher or mentor. The deadline for applications is June 4, 2018. To learn more about the Student Program, please visit: https://trustedci.org/summit2018/students

On behalf of the 2018 NSF Cybersecurity Summit organizers and program committee, we welcome your participation and hope to see you in August.