Friday, July 13, 2018

Trusted CI 5-year Vision and Strategy

The Trusted CI team is pleased to announce the publication of “The Trusted CI Vision for an NSF Cybersecurity Ecosystem”.  From the introduction:

This document establishes Trusted CI’s vision for a NSF Cybersecurity Ecosystem – a collection of people, knowledge, processes, and cyberinfrastructure – that is necessary to support cybersecurity across the diverse NSF community. Trusted CI is primarily responsible for bringing the vision of a NSF Cybersecurity Ecosystem to fruition. Hence, following Trusted CI’s vision is its mission statement and five-year strategic plan to fulfill that role.

This living document will guide our activities going forward and we welcome community feedback as to its content. As implied in the above paragraph, the vision is broader than any one project can accomplish and we will collaborate with others in the community to achieve this vision.

A full citation for the Vision document follows.  We’ll update the document with subsequent versions as required to keep abreast of progress, suggestions, and changes.

V. Welch, J. Basney, C. Jackson, J. Marsteller, and B. Miller, “The Trusted CI Vision for an NSF Cybersecurity Ecosystem And Five-year Strategic Plan (2019-2023),” Trusted CI, Apr. 2018 [Online]. Available: