Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Join the growing Cybersecurity Research Transition To Practice (TTP) Community

The Cybersecurity Research TTP (Transition To Practice) program led by Trusted CI enables us to work together as a community to advance the state of cybersecurity practice by identifying  gaps in cybersecurity technology , then matchmaking researchers with practitioners to transition cybersecurity research to practice to address the gaps.

Through a series of interviews with experts, a table top discussion at the cybersecurity Summit, and reviews of Trusted CI reports and engagements, we have identified cybersecurity gaps and are finding researchers who have viable research we can explore and eventually transition to operational environments. The top cybersecurity gaps identified include increasing the use of AI/ML for Cybersecurity, IoT/CPS (Internet of Things / Cyber Physical Systems) risk management, improving global integrated Federated Identity Management (FIM), and reducing phishing attacks. Increasing cybersecurity resources and the pipeline is another key need.

Please join us in this effort. If you have Cybersecurity needs and gaps to address, please email them to ttp@trustedci.org. If you are or know a Cybersecurity researcher, let us know how we can help you, from matchmaking to business model coaching. Join our webinars and workshops to engage researchers and perhaps provide them with data to fuel their research, such as intrusion alert data .

Our next Cybersecurity research TTP community event is the Feb 25 Trusted CI webinar when Dr. Shanchieh (Jay) Yang from RIT will present his research on “Anticipatory Cyber Defense via Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Simulation”.

If you would like to participate in discussions one on one with the researchers to provide valuable input to their research, let us know. We are enabling researcher with practitioner matchmaking already to provide valuable insight and partnerships and would love to have you join us.

We invite you to request an invitation for the next in person Cybersecurity research TTP and co- creation workshop on June 19th 2019 in Chicago. You can meet the researchers, join  panel discussions on Cybersecurity needs and potential research solutions, and participate in co-creation breakouts such as AI/ML, IoT/CPS or others you bring forward.

Our goal is to build a dynamic collaborative cybersecurity community of practice, with researchers and practitioners working together to identify and address cybersecurity needs now  and into the future. We welcome you to join in.