Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Upcoming events featuring Trusted CI

Interested in the latest from Trusted CI? Want a chance to chat in person with us? Members of Trusted CI will be participating in a number of events over the next few months.

Internet2 Global Summit (March 5-8) in Washington, D.C.
The summit focuses on trust and identity; advanced networking; information security; and integrated solutions for research, scholarship and creativity. Von Welch will be presenting in the Executive Track on Tuesday on Cybersecurity for Open Science. On Friday Jim Basney and Von Welch will be co-presenting a talk with UC San Diego's Michael Corn "Strategies for Research Cybersecurity and Compliance from the Lab."

CENIC Annual Conference (March 18-20) in San Diego, CA.
The Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC) is hosting its annual conference bringing together participants from all education segments, research universities, public libraries, private sector technology businesses, public policy and government, and R&E partners. Von Welch will be presenting a talk on the Trusted CI framework.

ISGC 2019 (March 31-April 5) in Taipei, Taiwan.
The International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC) 2019 & Soundscape Conference is built around the FAIR concept -- data must be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable. The conference will bring together individual communities and national representatives to address this challenge. Von Welch will be giving a keynote address, "FAIR in an unfair world: cybersecurity, data breaches, data integrity, and open science."

WE-RIT Women in Engineering at RIT and Cybersecurity Research TTP (April 2-3) in Rochester, NY.
Florence Hudson will be at speaking at Rochester Institute of Technology at the WE-RIT event on April 2, and meeting with Cybersecurity Researchers April 2-3 to discuss how to accelerate cybersecurity research transition to practice (TTP) including business model development.

SIG-ISM/WISE Meeting (April 16-18) in Kaunas, Lithuania. 
The G√ČANT Special Interest Group - Information Security Management (SIG-ISM) group and the Wise Information Security for Collaborating e-Infrastructures (WISE) are hosting joint meeting in Lithuania. The meeting aims to enhance the collaboration among large e-infrastructures and NRENs and their communities on handling security information. The groups will discuss their activities in the past few years, share the results and outcomes and tackle challenges together. Bob Cowles will be giving a talk on the new Trusted CI Framework.

IU Internet of Things Wearables in Motion Symposium (April 25-26) in Bloomington, IN.
The Indiana University School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, Innovate Indiana, IU Research and Technology Corp., The Mill and Indiana IoT Lab, will host academic and industry experts to discuss wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT) including novel sensors and actuators, scalable and secure cyberinfrastructures, and more. Florence Hudson will be presenting with Mitch Parker from IU Health on Protecting Health Wearables from Cyber Attack.

EDUCAUSE Security Professional Conference 2019 (May 13-15) in Chicago, IL.
EDUCAUSE brings higher education security professionals together to network and discuss information security and privacy trends and current issues with peers and solution providers. Anurag Shankar is presenting a talk on securing workflows. Also, Trusted CI's partner project, the ResearchSOC, will be presenting a talk on helping security professionals support sponsored research projects. And Florence Hudson and cohorts will be presenting a birds-of-a-feather (BOF) session on cybersecurity needs and partnering with researchers to fill the gaps.

The Great Plains Network (GPN) Annual Meeting (May 21-23) in Kansas City, MO.
The meeting brings together advanced network and cyberinfrastructure users, information technology staff, network engineers, faculty members, researchers, and graduate students from leading Midwestern universities and higher education networks. Mark Krenz, Bob Cowles, Ishan Abhinit, Anurag Shankar, and Ryan Kiser will be presenting talks on security log analysis, developing cybersecurity programs, and the NIST framework for HIPAA and FISMA compliance. 

Training Workshop for Network Engineers and Educators on Tools and Protocols for High-Speed Networks (July 22 - 23) in Columbia, SC.
This free hands-on workshop provides cyberinfrastructure (CI) engineers with an introduction to tools and techniques for the design, implementation, and monitoring of high-throughput networks and science demilitarized zones (Science DMZs). Von Welch will be speaking at the workshop.

Trusted CI's Technology Transition to Practice (TTP) Workshop (June 19) in Chicago, IL.
The Cybersecurity TTP workshop is an opportunity for Cybersecurity researchers and practitioners to discuss the needs and gaps we can fill with cybersecurity research, and enjoy co-creation of plans on accelerating this valuable research to practice. Florence Hudson and fellow members of Trusted CI will be hosting the workshop. Apply to request an invitation here.

PEARC19 in (July 28 - August 1) in Chicago, IL.
PEARC19 will explore the current practice and experience in advanced research computing including modeling, simulation, and data-intensive computing. Abstracts are still under review. Trusted CI intends to present many things at this year's conference and will update the community as more information is available.

The 2019 NSF Cybersecurity Summit (October 15 - 17) in San Diego, CA.
The Summit is hosted by Trusted CI and welcomes cybersecurity practitioners, technical leaders, and risk owners from within the NSF Large Facilities and CI Community, as well as key stakeholders and thought leaders from the broader scientific and information security communities. The Summit includes training sessions, plenary session, and opportunities to network and socialize with peers.

Whether you are an operational security pro, high speed networking researcher, NSF PI, or identity management specialist; the coming months present some interesting opportunities to network and collaborate. We look forward to seeing you at these events.