Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Trusted CI Completes Engagement with the Polar Geospatial Center

The Polar Geospatial Center (PGC) (NSF 1559691, NSF 1614673, NSF 1810976, NASA NNX16AK90G, and NASA 80NSSC18K1370) at the University of Minnesota provides geospatial support, mapping, and GIS/remote sensing solutions to researchers and logistics groups in the polar science community. The PGC supports U.S. polar scientists to complete their research goals in a safe, timely, and efficient manner by providing a service which most groups do not have the resources or expertise to complete. The mission of the PGC is to introduce new, state-of-the-art techniques from the geospatial field to effectively solve problems in the least mapped places on Earth. Trusted CI's engagement with PGC began in January 2019 and concluded in June 2019.

The primary goals for this engagement were to rapidly mature PGC’s cybersecurity program and develop a roadmap for future cybersecurity efforts at PGC. Trusted CI and PGC conducted a risk assessment of cyberinfrastructure assets, and then, driven by the results of the assessment, worked to build upon these results to improve PGC’s security program. The Trusted CI Guide to Developing Cybersecurity Programs for NSF Science and Engineering Projects and related materials were used to facilitate the effort.