Wednesday, October 23, 2019

PSC Updates

Shane, Kathy, and Andrew at the 2019 NSF Cybersecurity Summit
Following Jim Marsteller's departure from Trusted CI, we are pleased to welcome two new Trusted CI team members from the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. Kathy Benninger, PSC's Manager of Networking Research, is our new lead for the Large Facilities Security Team (LFST) and is Trusted CI's new site lead for PSC. Kathy is already actively engaged with Trusted CI leadership and planning for 2020. We also look forward to January when Shane Filus, PSC Security Engineer, will join the Trusted CI team. Kathy and Shane both strengthen our connections to XSEDE.

Lastly, we are grateful for the continued participation in Trusted CI by PSC's Andrew Adams, who is taking on the role of Trusted CI's Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).