Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Trusted CI Webinar Series: Planning for 2020, review of 2019

The 2019 season of the Trusted CI Webinar series has concluded and we are looking forward to the presentations scheduled in the next year.

The following topics and speakers have been booked in 2020 so far:
(Webinars are scheduled the 4th Monday of the month at 11am Eastern time.)
  • February 24: FABRIC: Adaptive programmaBle networked Research Infrastructure for Computer science
  • March 23: End-to-End Performance and Security Driven Federated Data-Intensive Workflow Management
  • April 27: Secure Data Architecture: Assured Mission Delivery Network Framework for Secure Scientific Collaboration
  • May 18: The Tommie Science Network
  • June 22: The Engagement and Performance Operations Center (EPOC)
  • August 24:  Researcher Passport
  • October 26: RDP: Enforcing `Security and Privacy Policies to Protect Research Data
  • December: Data Integrity, with Trusted CI
We are in the process of booking the remaining spots.  See our call for presentations for more information.

In case you missed them, here are the webinars from 2019:
  • January: The Research Security Operations Center (ResearchSOC) with Von Welch and RSOC leadership team (Video)(Slides)
  • February: Anticipatory Cyber Defense via Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Simulation by Shanchieh (Jay) Yang (Video)(Slides)
  • March: The NSF CC-DNI SecureCloud Project: Autonomic Cybersecurity for Zero Trust Cloud Computing with Casimer DeCusatis (Video)(Slides)
  • April: REED+: A cybersecurity framework for research data at Purdue University with Preston Smith (Video)(Slides)
  • May: Deployable Internet Routing Security with Amir Herzberg (Video)(Slides)
    June: The Trusted CI Framework: Toward Practical, Comprehensive Cybersecurity Programs with the Trusted CI team (Video)(Slides)
  • July: Ancile: Enhancing Privacy for Ubiquitous Computing with Use-Based Policy with Jason Waterman (Video)(Slides)
  • August: Integrity Protection for Scientific Workflow Data: Motivation and Initial Experiences with Anirban Mandal and Mats Rynge (Video)(Slides)
  • September: Jupyter Security at LLNL with Thomas Mendoza (Video)(Slides)
  • October: Trends in Global Privacy: GDPR One Year Later with Scott Russell (Video)(Slides)
  • December: DDoS Defense in Depth for DNS: Project Overview and Early Results with John Heidemann and colleagues (Video)(Slides)
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