Thursday, January 16, 2020

Announcing the 2019 NSF Community Cybersecurity Benchmarking Survey Report

The third NSF Community Cybersecurity Benchmarking Survey Report is now available:

The Community Survey’s purpose is to collect, analyze, and publish useful baseline benchmarking information about the NSF science community’s cybersecurity programs, practices, challenges, and concerns. This year’s survey received responses from 23 institutions, including 14 NSF Major Facilities (previously “Large Facilities”). Notable takeaways from this year’s survey include the continued increase in respondents who use multi-factor authentication (reaching 75%), the continued variability in cybersecurity budgets, a significant increase in respondents who practice residual risk acceptance, and all of the respondents either having already established a cybersecurity program or being in the process of establishing one. We hope the results and analysis provided by this report offer insight and inspire discussion.