Friday, February 21, 2020

Trusted CI Begins Engagement with UC Berkeley

The Secure Research Data and Compute (SRDC) Platform at UC Berkeley is
funded by executive leadership as a condo-style research computing service. This
institutionally supported foundation for restricted data research will be professionally
managed and supported by Research IT staff from UC Berkeley and Lawrence
Berkeley National Lab, and researchers will contribute computation and storage
hardware to the platform using their research funds.

The SRDC Platform will bring together HPC nodes, virtual machines, and big
data storage for researchers working with highly sensitive data (e.g., PHI and PII)
across a range of domains, many of which are NSF-funded, including biology,
engineering, computer science, and a broad spectrum of social sciences and
professional schools such as business, public health, and law.

Trusted CI will engage with UC Berkeley to guide the design and implementation
of the SRDC Platform and a procedural framework that maintains a healthy balance
between usability and security.  To achieve this, Trusted CI and UC Berkeley will
first inventory the proposed architecture, workflows, and current policies and
procedures. Trusted CI will then analyze them, assess them against other
implementations, and provide recommendations.

The engagement began January 2020 and is scheduled to run to the end of June 2020.