Thursday, October 1, 2020

Requesting Feedback on Initial Report and Upcoming Webinar: Guidance for Trustworthy Data Management in Science Projects

The Trustworthy Data Working Group has published an initial draft report at on guidance for trustworthy management in science projects.  

We invite the community’s feedback on the initial version of this report and input toward our revisions via the working group mailing list. You may also send input directly to Jim Basney at Please attend the Science Gateways webinar on Wednesday, October 7th at 1pm Eastern, where Jim will be presenting an overview of the guidance report. 

This report builds off key findings from its previously published survey report regarding trustworthy data and provides recommendations to address those concerns. The report covers stakeholders of trustworthy data, the definition of trustworthiness, findings from the survey report, barriers to trustworthiness, tools and technologies for trustworthy data, and communication of trustworthiness.

We thank all the members of the Trustworthy Data Working Group for their help with developing this guidance as well as their participation throughout the year. The working group will be revising its guidance in November, incorporating community input received in October, to be included in the working group's final report in December.

Working group membership is open to all who are interested. Please visit for details.