Monday, August 8, 2022

New Trusted CI Software Security Training Materials for the Community

In a world of continuous cyber attacks, cybersecurity is a responsibility of every person involved in the software development life cycle: managers, designers, developers, and testers. Trusted CI offers an evolving collection of training materials on software security covering topics such as secure design, secure implementation, testing, code auditing, dependency tools, static analysis tools, and fuzz testing.

The materials are freely available at Apart from videos and corresponding book chapters, they include hands-on exercises and quizzes for many of the topics. Classroom exercises and the solutions to the hands-on exercises and quizzes are provided to instructors by request. Most of the videos now have captions in both English and Spanish.

These materials are being continuously updated, as we develop new modules. The latest additions are modules on address space layout optimization (ASLR), memory safety checks, fuzz testing and using AFL, and dependency analysis tools.

These materials have been used at conferences, workshops, and government agencies to train CI professionals in secure coding, design, and testing. They are also used at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to teach CS542, Introduction to Software Security.