Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Advancing the Cybersecurity of NSF Major Facilities and National Research Cyberinfrastructure: Trusted CI’s Framework Cohort Achievements in 2022

Trusted CI’s second Framework Cohort, “Bravo”, successfully completed the six-month program of training and workshop engagement focused on learning and applying the Trusted CI Framework. Cohort members entered the engagement with a commitment to adopting the Framework at their sites. They then worked closely with Trusted CI to gather site information and create validated self-assessments of their facility’s cybersecurity programs based on the Framework. In addition, each site emerged with a draft Cybersecurity Program Strategic Plan (CPSP) identifying priorities and directions for further refining their cybersecurity programs. Bravo cohort included the following NSF Major Facilities (MFs) and research cyberinfrastructure providers:

The foundation of the cohort program is the Trusted CI Framework. The Framework was created as a minimum standard for cybersecurity programs. In contrast to cybersecurity guidance focused narrowly on cybersecurity controls, the Trusted CI Framework provides a more holistic and mission-focused standard for managing cybersecurity. For these organizations, the cohort was their first formal training in the Trusted CI Framework “Pillars” and “Musts” and how to apply these fundamental principles to assess their cybersecurity programs.

Concurrent with leading Bravo, Trusted CI continued engagement with the inaugural “Alpha” cohort through the end of 2022. Alpha cohort followed up on the success of the first half of the year by focusing on implementation challenges each cohort member was currently facing. Each of the monthly workshops was led by a different cohort member, with the workshop focused on addressing a specific cybersecurity challenge that the facility was facing. The Trusted CI Framework team is exploring ideas to continue the productive engagement with the cohort alumni.

In January 2023 Trusted CI began a third Framework cohort engagement (“Charlie”). Charlie cohort includes the following organizations:

Trusted CI is excited to be working with these new sites to advance their understanding and implementation of cybersecurity programs and best practices!

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