Monday, November 20, 2023

Trusted CI Webinar: Open Science Chain, Dec. 4th @11am Eastern

San Diego Supercomputer Center's Subhashini Sivagnanam is presenting the talk, Open Science Chain - Enabling Integrity and Metadata Provenance for Research Artifacts Using Open Science Chain, on December 4th at 11am Eastern time.

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The envisioned advantage of sharing research data lies in its potential for reuse. Although many scientific disciplines are embracing data sharing, some face constraints on the data they can share and with whom. It becomes crucial to establish a secure method that efficiently facilitates sharing and verification of data and metadata while upholding privacy restrictions to enable the reuse of scientific data. This presentation highlights our NSF-funded Open Science Chain (OSC) project, accessible at Developed using blockchain technologies, the OSC project aims to address challenges related to the integrity and provenance of research artifacts. The project establishes an API-based data integrity verification management service for data-driven research platforms and hubs, aiming to minimize data information loss and provide support for managing diverse metadata standards and access controls.

Speaker Bio:

Subhashini Sivagnanam is the manager of the Cyberinfrastructure Services and Solutions (CISS) group at the San Diego Supercomputer Center/ UCSD. Her research interests predominantly lie in distributed computing, cyberinfrastructure development, scientific data management, and reproducible science. She serves as the PI/Co-PI on various NSF/NIH projects related to scientific data integrity and developing cyberinfrastructure software.  Furthermore, she oversees the management of UC San Diego’s campus research cluster known as the Triton Shared Computing Cluster.


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