Monday, December 3, 2012

MAGIC Identity Management Meeting at SC12

As mentioned in a prior post, the Middleware And Grid Interagency Coordination (MAGIC) group met at SC12 to discuss identity management with an international perspective. Presentation slides and meeting minutes are now available on the MAGIC Meetings page. Scott Koranda presented on LIGO's need for international federation (more on that in a future CTSC blog post). Steven Newhouse presented two documents (Federated Identity Management for Research Collaborations and Authentication Solutions in the European Grid Infrastructure) on international community practice and needs. Ian Foster presented Globus Online's identity and group management hub (called Globus Nexus), and Jim Basney presented the CILogon federated online certificate authority.

Participation in MAGIC is open to the public. The next MAGIC meeting is this Wednesday (December 5) from 2-4pm EST. Mine Altunay will discuss identity management for Open Science Grid. To participate by teleconference, dial 877-937-5634 and use access code 139891.