Monday, June 11, 2018

Announcing the 2017 NSF Community Cybersecurity Benchmarking Survey Report and the 2017 NSF Cybersecurity Summit Report

The second NSF Community Cybersecurity Benchmarking Survey Report is now available:

The Community Survey’s purpose is to collect, analyze, and publish useful baseline benchmarking information about the NSF science community’s cybersecurity programs, practices, challenges, and concerns. This year’s survey is significant for receiving responses from 15 of the 25 NSF Large Facilities, and should provide particular insight into the specific cybersecurity practices and concerns of Large Facilities. Notable takeaways from this year’s survey include the dramatic increase in respondents who use multi-factor authentication, the lack of standardization or uniformity around cybersecurity budgets, and the highly variable implementation of software best practices, operational and programmatic cybersecurity safeguards, and cybersecurity governance.

Additionally, the report of the 2017 NSF Cybersecurity Summit to the community is also available. The report outlines progress the community has made based on recommendations from the previous year, attendee details and survey results for both the plenary and training portions of the Summit. The report in its entirety can be reviewed here:

We hope the results and analysis provide by these reports offer insight and inspire discussion.