Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Broader Impacts Project Report

In early 2018 Trusted CI undertook an effort to develop and implement a strategy to help meet the cybersecurity needs of a broader set of NSF projects through awareness and outreach; i.e., to broaden the impact of Trusted CI.
The project involved analyzing our existing impact on the NSF community, applying our observations to Trusted CI’s 5-year vision for an NSF cybersecurity ecosystem, and identifying six strategies for broader impacts.

The full report is available online. Some highlights of the report are summarized below.

The analysis portion of the project helped to identify a few major accomplishments for the project thus far:
  • Trusted CI has impacted over 190 NSF projects.
  • Over 150 members of NSF projects attended our NSF Cybersecurity Summit. 
  • Members of 70 NSF projects attended our webinars.
  • Almost 100 of these NSF projects are funded at $1 million or more.
  • 35 engagements have been conducted.
  • Over 250 hours of training seminars have been presented or hosted.

The project concluded with 6 recommendations:
  1. Fill in gaps in our collection of impact statistics (e.g., affiliation of training attendees).
  2. Explore outreach opportunities to the Education and Human Resources (EHR) and Biological Sciences (BIO) Directorates, which are currently underrepresented in our impact metrics.
  3. Increase attention on developing and maintaining the website, highlighting the content and services we are already providing. Our materials are only useful if our stakeholders can discover them. It’s helpful to consider different stakeholder perspectives when updating and reorganizing the website.
  4. Trusted CI should provide more materials addressing availability and integrity concerns from the community, leveraging external expertise.
  5. Trusted CI should document and share its experiences and expertise related to operating a community-focused center of excellence, to benefit other similar organizations.
  6. When implementing our 2019‐2023 vision, Trusted CI should emphasize outreach as an essential component of each strategic objective.
Our role in the NSF community is stable and growing. Trusted CI’s next five years present an exciting challenge to take what we have learned thus far and continue to support the cybersecurity needs of NSF projects.