Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Trusted CI begins engagement with SAGE2

SAGE2 is a multi-site collaboration and visualization tool designed for use with tiled display walls. The mission of SAGE2 is to provide an innovative, user-centered, web-based platform for enabling local and/or distributed teams to display, manage, share, and investigate large-scale datasets on tiled display walls to glean insights and discoveries with greater speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness, and confidence. The project achieves this using web-based technologies such as Node.js that are maintained by large user communities. The project provides installation packages for deployment as well as hardware recommendations for new users who are building display walls for the first time. More information about SAGE2 can be found here.

In the last 4 years, institutions have installed over 90 display walls, half of which are in the US and half international, forming an estimated hardware infrastructure investment in excess of $8M. In addition, SAGE2’s user community is growing to include sectors outside of traditional higher-ed and research communities. The diversity and distributed nature of the SAGE2 user base provides a growing set of security concerns. Identity and access management procedures in particular provide unique challenges given the variety of institutions using SAGE2 to collaborate using display walls.

The primary goal of this engagement is to outline Identity and Access Management (IAM) procedures appropriate for SAGE2’s distributed user base. Trusted CI will also seek to identify and prioritize future security goals and additional opportunities to improve the security of SAGE2.

This engagement began in July 2018 and concludes by the end of December 2018.