Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Many opportunities to meet with Trusted CI at PEARC19

There are numerous opportunities to interact with members of Trusted CI at PEARC19, July 28th - August 1st, in Chicago. PEARC19, "will explore the current practice and experience in advanced research computing including modeling, simulation, and data-intensive computing."

We will update our PEARC19 page as more scheduling info involving Trusted CI becomes available. The full schedule has been posted on PEARC's site.

7/08 Note: Room assignments have been updated.

Trusted CI Workshop on Trustworthy Scientific Cyberinfrastructure

Tuesday July 30th at 11am - 5pm in the Water Tower room

Our workshop provides an opportunity for sharing experiences, recommendations, and available resources for addressing cybersecurity challenges in research computing. Presentations by Trusted CI staff and community members will cover a broad range of cybersecurity topics, including science gateways, transition to practice, cybersecurity program development, workforce development, and community engagement (e.g., via the Trusted CI Fellows program). Space is still available for lightning talks. Please contact if you are interested in presenting at the workshop.

Panel: Community Engagement at Scale: NSF Centers of Expertise panel

Tuesday July 30th at 1:30pm - 3pm in the Atlanta room

This panel brings together the leaders of centers of expertise serving the CI and NSF communities to present what they wish everyone knew about their respective area and to explore the challenges and lessons learned with the cross-cutting topic of community engagement at scale. Panelists include:
  • Ruth Marinshaw — Moderator (Stanford University)
  • Daniel Crawford (MoISSI)
  • Ewa Deelman (CI CoE Pilot)
  • Jennifer Schopf (EPOC)
  • Von Welch (ResearchSOC, Trusted CI)
  • Nancy Wilkins-Diehr (SGCI)
  • Frank Wuerthwein (OSG)

Technical Papers

Our technical paper, “Trusted CI Experiences in Cybersecurity and Service to Open Science,” will be published in the proceedings. To read the pre-print copy, click here.

Trusted CI's paper will be presented on Wednesday July 31st at 11am - 12:30pm in the Wrigley room.

Another paper presentation that may be of interest is “Integrity Protection for Scientific Workflow Data: Motivation and Initial Experiences.” This paper describes the experiences of the Scientific Workflow Integrity Project in protecting data integrity.

SWIP's paper will be presented on Tuesday July 30th at 3:30 - 5pm in the Crystal C room.

AI4GOOD Workshop

Monday July 29th at 8:30am - 5pm in the Horner room

Trusted CI's Florence Hudson will be presenting in the AI4GOOD workshop on a panel about privacy, policies, security, and ethics regarding Artificial Intelligence. This workshop will provide a full-day of awareness, advocacy and hands-on training in basic skills needed by those who wish to employ or support artificial intelligence (AI) for accelerated research outcomes in a variety of domains. Biomedical advances, economic empowerment strategies, agricultural innovation and quality of life improvements for citizens in underserved regions will be emphasized.

Poster Reception

Tuesday July 30th at 6:30pm - 8:30pm in the Crystal Foyer and Crystal B rooms

Trusted CI is presenting a poster on our mission, how it can help your project, and the advances it is making in cybersecurity and resources for cybersecurity professionals.

The Exhibitors Hall

Trusted CI is a sponsor of PEARC19, and will have a table at the PEARC19 Exhibitors Hall. Meet members of our team and find out how we can provide cybersecurity support to your NSF project.

SIGHPC Systems Professionals Symposium19 [Added July 6th]

Von Welch will be speaking as part of the panel on HPC Cybersecurity from 10:30-11:30am on Monday at the SIGHPC Systems Professionals Symposium19.