Friday, June 7, 2019

Trusted CI Participates in ResearchSOC’s EDUCAUSE SPC Workshop

This blog post is cross-posted from the ResearchSOC blog. The ResearchSOC is a peer project of Trusted CI’s focused on providing operational cybersecurity services to the NSF community. It recently hosted a workshop at the 2019 EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference to which Trusted CI contributed.


“Securing and Supporting Research Projects: Facilitation Design Patterns” workshop

Posted on May 24, 2019 by toddston

In case you missed the above workshop at EDUCAUSE SPC (and you may well have missed it—the workshop filled up early, had a long wait list, and was almost standing room only), the slides from “Securing and Supporting Research Projects: Facilitation Design Patterns” are now available.

Presented by Michael Corn (CISO, UCSD) and Cyd Burrows-Schilling (Research Facilitator, UCSD), the workshop helped prepare security professionals to support sponsored research projects. It provided an overview of how research operates within Universities; taught facilitation skills for working with faculty; and provided guidance on how to develop a project specific security plan that meets the requirements of NSD, DoD, and other sponsoring organizations.

We were honored to have Professor Tanya Berger-Wolf from the University of Illinois at Chicago join us in person. The session with Professor Berger-Wolf was a highlight of the workshop, and helped attendees understand how cybersecurity professionals can work with researchers and learn to navigate the gap between the traditional top-down approach to security and the practicalities of everyday research lab infrastructures.

And she is doing some really cool research.

Claire Mizumoto, Director of Research IT Services at UCSD joined us remotely and gave a thought-provoking presentation on the hurdles researchers face in obtaining funding, preparing grants, and meeting the aggressive time demands of obtaining tenure.

Florence D. Hudson, who is Founder and CEO at FDHint, LLC and Special Adviser to our friends at Trusted CI, the NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, gave an overview of three extremely useful tools: the NSF Cybersecurity Planning Guide, the Software Engineering Guide, and the Information Security Practice Principles. If you’re charged with providing cybersecurity for research projects of any size, these are pretty much required reading.

Vlad Grigorescu, Security Engineer at ESnet, led a deep dive into ScienceDMZ, which is an excellent network design pattern for data-intensive research projects.
We’re grateful to all our guests for their participation and incredibly useful information. If you need more information on any of the topics presented, contact us at

The workshop was organized by the ResearchSOC project ( – NSF award 1840034).

  • Slide deck available here
  • Cyber Ambassadors case scripts available here
  • Intake Interview preparation example available here

Couldn’t make the workshop or hungry for more? No problem. Mark your calendar now for December 4-6, when we’ll present a full three-day workshop on the above topic. This hands-on workshop will be held on the University of California, San Diego campus. Details to follow.

The Research Security Operations Center (ResearchSOC) is a collaborative security response center that addresses the unique cybersecurity concerns of the research community. ResearchSOC helps make scientific computing resilient to cyberattacks and capable of supporting trustworthy, productive research. For more information on the ResearchSOC, visit our website or email