Friday, May 8, 2020

Open Storage Network (OSN) and Trusted CI Complete CyberCheckup

The Open Storage Network (OSN) is an NSF-funded pilot project (OAC 1747483, 1747490, 1747493, 1747507, and 1747552). The OSN pilot project's goal is to design and test a cooperative multi-institution, research-oriented storage and transfer service, including a governance model to manage both the technical system and user allocations. The outcome of the pilot project will direct the design of a national scale infrastructure that can serve as a storage substrate along with NSF's other national investments (e.g., XSEDE) and network implementations supported by NSF's CC* program.

OSN is a distributed storage infrastructure accessible via national research and education networks (NRENs). To evaluate the current state of this infrastructure, OSN performed a Trusted CI CyberCheckup, which is an engagee-driven, self-evaluation of a project's cybersecurity readiness. Trusted CI staff provided templates to be used for the CyberCheckup as well as assistance in filling out the templates.

OSN staff first used Trusted CI's "Securing Commodity IT in Scientific CI Projects" spreadsheet to evaluate five facilities including NCSA, SDSC, RENCI, MGHPCC, and JHU. These results were then used to evaluate the OSN system as a whole. OSN staff next completed Trusted CI's "Information Security Program Evaluation" questionnaire. This document was used to capture the current state of the OSN information security program as well as find potential security policy gaps in the pilot program. The output from these CyberCheckup documents will be used by OSN to better secure future phases of the project.