Monday, May 18, 2020

Trusted CI policies for managing information that you share with us

Trusted CI greatly values the trust the community has in us. That trust enables the sharing of your experiences with us knowing we’ll treat what is shared with appropriate respect and confidence. We also recognize that you look to us to synergize experiences and lessons broadly, serving the community as a knowledge hub and allowing all of us to build on each other's knowledge. Hence, Trusted CI seeks to balance two principles:

  1. Trusted CI controls the management and distribution of confidential data such that community members are comfortable sharing such data with Trusted CI during the course of collaborations, engagements, etc.
  2. Trusted CI seeks to share information broadly with the community to facilitate learning from common experiences.
As Trusted CI has grown and matured, we have recognized the need to mature our processes to ensure we live up to these principles, and our processes to do so are well understood by both Trusted CI team members and our collaborators. To that end we have published two new policies we adhere to:

We are making these policies public along with the rest of our cybersecurity program to promote your trust and provide examples for others to use. As always, we recognize the expertise in the community and welcome your feedback and suggestions.