Thursday, August 26, 2021

Trusted CI begins engagement with University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas has engaged with Trusted CI and the Engagement and Performance Operations Center (EPOC) to review their plans for a Science DMZ that will serve institutions for higher education across Arkansas. Trusted CI and EPOC will also help create training and policy materials that can be reused by other institutions both in the state of Arkansas and beyond.

Science DMZs are a secure architecture for providing high throughput transfer of science data between two points. By placing data transfer nodes outside each institution's cononical network and into a specially controlled zone, the Science DMZ is able to increase speed by reducing the friction created by firewalls, other traffic, and switches and routers that are tuned for more diverse traffic.

 The University of Arkansas via its Data Analytics that are Robust and Trusted (DART) project, is funded by NSF GRANT #194639 for EPSCoR RII.