Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Findings Report of the 2021 Trusted CI Annual Challenge on Software Assurance Published

 As reported in this blog earlier this year, in 2021, Trusted CI is conducting our focused “annual challenge” on the assurance of software used by scientific computing and cyberinfrastructure

In July, the 2021 Trusted CI Annual Challenge team posted its initial findings in this blog.  The team is now pleased to share its detailed findings report:

Andrew Adams, Kay Avila, Elisa Heymann, Mark Krenz, Jason R. Lee, Barton Miller, and Sean Peisert. “The State of the Scientific Software World: Findings of the 2021 Trusted CI Software Assurance Annual Challenge Interviews,” September 2021.

Now that the team has finished its examination of software assurance findings, it will turn its focus to solutions.  In accordance with that, later this calendar year, the Trusted CI team will be publishing a guide for recommended best practices for scientific software development.

For those interested in hearing more about the 2021 Annual Challenge, please (virtually) come to the team’s panel session at the 2021 NSF Cybersecurity Summit at 3:05 EDT on October 13, 2021: