Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Testbed Facility Security Workshop at 2021 NSF Cybersecurity Summit

The 2021 NSF Summit Workshop on Testbed Facility Security will be held Monday, October 18 from 1pm to 5pm Eastern Time as part of the 2021 NSF Cybersecurity Summit. The workshop will explore the unique cybersecurity challenges of testbed facilities, stemming from their mission to enable experimental use, including configuration of facility resources for novel networking and security experiments, which may span multiple facilities. The workshop is being co-organized by Chameleon, Colosseum, DETERLab, FABRIC, PAWR, and Trusted CI.
If you are interested in the cybersecurity challenges of experimental cloud-based testbeds, please plan to attend. Visit https://www.trustedci.org/2021-testbed-facility-security-workshop for more details.
The workshop is a follow-on activity from the Trusted CI FABRIC engagement. See https://blog.trustedci.org/search/label/FABRIC for more information about that engagement.