Thursday, September 21, 2023

Zeek and Jupyter Full-Day Security Training at the 2023 NSF Summit

This year the Summit is pleased to partner with Zeek and Project Jupyter to offer full-day training and a workshop on Monday October 23, 2023. 

Zeek, an open source network security monitoring tool, will offer two full-day training sessions. “Hands-on Zeek Scripting” will walk attendees through the fundamentals of Zeek Scripting along with some practical exercises. “Intermediate to Zeek” will teach attendees how to set up their own Zeek cluster deployments in production together with all the cluster components and the new Zeek management framework.

Project Jupyter is an open-source project sponsored by the non-profit NumFOCUS,  that supports interactive data science and scientific computing. The “Jupyter Security Workshop” will expand on the current Jupyter security practices by focusing on the following near- and long-term goals: 

  • Bring together people interested in contributing to security in Jupyter.
  • A white paper on “Jupyter Security Best Practices”.
  • Summarizing Jupyter development practices that target security.
  • Recommendations for security governance within the Project Jupyter governance model.
  • Based on any security gaps in documentation, software, processes, or other areas, identify potential support mechanisms to address them.

All of these sessions will only be offered in-person. There is not a remote participation option and the sessions will not be recorded. More information on these and all of the Summit sessions can be found here.

Due to LBNL site access requirements, in-person registration is required by September 29.  The registration cut-off for inclusion in the Hotel Shattuck room block with the reduced rate is 5:00pm PST on Friday, September 22, 2023.