Thursday, March 11, 2021

Continuing Professional Education opportunities with Trusted CI

This year we began a project to distribute documentation of participation in Trusted CI activities to help community members manage their continuing professional education (often referred to as CPE or CPEs). This documentation may qualify for credit toward a security certification, course requirement, or professional development plan with an employer.

Trusted CI activities that may qualify for credit include:

  • Attending the Trusted CI NSF Cybersecurity Summit
  • Attending Trusted CI training events
  • Attending Trusted CI webinars
  • Collaboration with Trusted CI on a published report
  • Acceptance and participation in the Trusted CI Fellows program

Note: Trusted CI advises community members to seek approval from appropriate officials when submitting documentation to satisfy any certification, course requirement, or professional development program. For questions, contact

What certifications are community members pursuing?

Based on a recent survey, community members are seeking certification in the following programs:

How do I receive credit for participating in Trusted CI activities?

Trusted CI uses Badgr to distribute badges to community members. These badges can be downloaded, exported as a certificate, or shared on social and professional media platforms. To view the badges that have been issued thus far, see Trusted CI’s Badgr page. For more information about Badgr, see the Badgr Knowledge Base. For questions about Trusted CI badges, contact us at

We welcome your feedback.

This is a new project and we are learning as it progresses. If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us at Updates to the program will be posted to our CPE webpage.