Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Trusted CI TTP Playbook v1.0 Released

We have published version 1.0 of the Trusted CI Transition to Practice Playbook at The purpose of the playbook is to provide guidance on the use of tools and techniques (the “plays”) to enable researchers to advance their research for practical cybersecurity applications. The tools currently included in the playbook include:
  • The Transition to Practice TRL Assessment Tool, which is used to assess the maturity of a research prototype or product.
  • The Transition to Practice Canvas, which is a brainstorming tool which can be used to describe a model for developing and sustaining the technology.
  • A set of activity planning examples which can be used as a reference when filling out a canvas.
We will continue to work with the Trusted CI TTP cohort members to develop additional plays and to make refinements to existing plays. If you are a researcher who would like to be involved in the cohort or a security practitioner who is interested in the application of research to your security challenges, you can contact Ryan Kiser at