Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Trusted CI’s Large Facilities Security Team Update Spring 2021

Trusted CI continues to address the cybersecurity needs of NSF’s Large Facilities (LFs) by coordinating the Large Facilities Security Team (LFST). The LFST comprises representatives from each of the LFs who are responsible for cybersecurity at their sites. The primary goal of the LFST is to encourage sharing of best practices, policies, and technologies among the team members to further cybersecurity at each of the LFs.

Communication among LFST participants is via a dedicated email list and monthly calls. Call format is either facilitated discussion of a pre-selected topic or a presentation followed by Q. and A. Topics during the past year included COVID-19 pandemic-related cybersecurity issues and response, a ResearchSOC overview, cybersecurity policy development, risk assessment, asset categorization, and supply chain vulnerability. The Trusted CI facilitators actively encourage input from all LFST members during these monthly calls, often producing informative insights on similarities and differences among site priorities and practices.

In service to the broader NSF cybersecurity community, input from the LFST was valuable to development of Trusted CI’s recently released Framework Implementation Guide for Research Cyberinfrastructure Operators. The team is reviewing NSF’s proposed revision to the Major Facilities Guide, which is currently open for comment.

We look forward to another year of learning and active cybersecurity collaboration among NSF’s Large Facilities!

For more information, or to join the LFST, email or